Pastel Gradient stamped with Qgirl041

Today I have to show you a lovely stamping pattern. The pattern is from the Qgirl 041 plate and I got it from BornPrettyStore just before I stopped my coporation with them due to less time for blogging.

I wore this for the easter with white stamping polish over a gradient of OPI “Purple Palazzo Pants” and Essie “Mint Candy Apple”. Stunning combo I think and I really loved this manicure.
Pastel gradient  stamped with qgirl 041 Pastel gradient  stamped with qgirl 041 Pastel gradient  stamped with qgirl 041

I also tried it over one of the new Holographic polishes from Appeal4, this is “Cosmic Runway”. It’s maybe a little confusing, my camera thought it where, but it actually was a great effect  even though it was very subtle.
Appeal4 Cosmic Runway  stamped with qgirl 041

Love and Sweets

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Newest manicures with turquoise/teal

Hello Ladies
As I don’t have that much time for doing blogposts I want to show you a few different manicures I have worn in the last months, today with focus on teal. I will show one stamping manicure and one glitter manicure.

First up I have done this stamping manicure with Emily De Molly stamping plate EDM19. Sadly I dont really recommend these plates as I have some trouble with them… they are too expensive compared to th problems I am having, but it was possible to get this stamp to work, for that I am extremely happy as this image design was the reason for me buying four plates at NorwayNails.
I stamped with A-england “Prosephine” that I know from this manicure is a great stamping polish. And some of you might have noticed that I didn’t use a regular polish as base. I actually used blue, turquoise, white and green and sponged dots of the colors onto my nails. It blended so much that it isn’t totally obvious but it still gave some effect rather that a boring base color. My thought was to make an illusion of trees, the sky and clouds, but it became a little more misty than I imagined.
Emyily de molly EDM19 bird stamping turquoise

This glitter manicure contains China Glaze “Out like a light” as base and “Pine-ing for glitter” as glitter topper. The manicure was inspired by several others as these two polishes was from the same collection and therefore often paired for swatch photos. I love those pictures so much that I had to have both polishes. Out like a light is already a favorite of mine as it is a onecoater and therefore stunning for stamping but also just a really lovely dark shade of grey (I have used it here) and that glitter just makes it something else.
china glaze out like a light and pine-ing for glitter

Hope you liked the manicures I had for you today
An update from me is that I started a new fitness lifestyle! I am only two weeks in and just gotten to the time when I body doesn’t hurt all over after training – for that I am so thankfull :D

Love and Sweets

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Swatch: OPI “Let me Bayou a Drink”

Today I have a polish from the OPI Spring collection, the New Orleans collection, to show you. “Let me Bayou a drink” is a very light pink polish with a white pearl shimmer to it. For the most part the shimmer actually isn’t something that stands out, but it still makes a subtle effect of pearl nails – not like a traditional pearl nail polish with streaks, bad coverage and so. Well this did take four coats of polish ntil I was satisfied, but then I was so satisfied that I didn’t want to take of my nail polish when it was time. I think this is a gorgerous polish, but I have something for pearls. Pearls for me is a classic item that both works for a formal event, a date, or even a day in school. It’s just me Another good thing about this polish is that it made my nails very hard when it had dried, and therefore it didn’t chip and looked fabulous for a long time compared to many other polishes.

OPI let me bayou a drink OPI let me bayou a drinkIMG_0836


Love and Sweets

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Spring green manicures

So spring is getting started here in Denmark. I can’t wait for all the green, so my nails have tried curing my longing. In this post I will both show a stamping manicure and a gorgeous glitter polish. Lets get on with the post.

This is Essie “Chillato” stamped with Essie “The More the Merrier”, and a few dots of OPI “Suzi has a Swede Tooth” because we also await the lovely flowers and not only the leaves and grass. The stamping plate I used is Qgirl 057 that I got from BornPrettyStore.
spring green stamping manicure qgirl057 image plate

And this is Cupcake Polish “Magic”. THE most insane holo glitter in the world. This is not dull in ANY light. Take it out on the greyest day of the year and it will still shine like somebody was overpaying it to. Really I could rave on and on about this and even though nobody ever notice my nails this caught everyone’s eyes. I am wearing three coats in the photos and even for my high standard that was totally enough. I own one more from that collection until now but surely I’m going to get them all. Cupcake Polish really amazed me with “Merry” and I expect them to continue. I bought this at HypnoticPolish
Cupcake Polish Magic

I hope you liked the manicures of today

Love and Sweets

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New Glam Polish swatches

Hello again girls

Well for all this time that I have been quiet on the blog I certantly still had some fabulous nails. In this blogpost I will show you five Glam Polishes of some of the newest collections: “Special”, “When you Ruv Someone”, “It Sucks to be Me”, “The Internet is for Pourn” and “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”.
Some of these pictures aren’t as good as I wanted them to be, but I need to get all these swatches out of my system as I have plenty more.

All of these polishes have the same great Glam Polish glitter formular, so two coats was all that was needed for all of them to cover. I put three coats of “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!” as the only one but that is because I hate to see light shine through my nail – if you wear this with short nails I am sure that won’t even be a concern of yours :)
On to the swatches:

“Special” – a lovely cold pink/magenta holographic glitter polish. Much more cold than for an example “Bang” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (see swatches of those here), but this shade I like the best of all those magenta/pinks. Instantly a fave for me and everybody needs this if you ask me.
Glam Polish Special Glam Polish Special

“When you Ruv Someone” – a warm pink holographic glitter polish. Very pretty and little-girl-ish (I like being a little girl!). On my skintone this is just amazing!!!!<3 I was expecting this to be even warmer and more grandma-pink-ish, so I was suprised o get this sweet polish. It looks totally edible to me.
Glam Polish when you ruv someone Glam Polish when you ruv someone

“It Sucks to be Me” – a light blue holographic glitter polish. Something I noticed as soon as I got this in the door, is that this has warm blue leaning turquoise holographic glitter in it. That made me very happy as it looks much more special that way.
I was debating getting this in the first place as I own “Crash“, and wasn’t sure if this would be a dupe. It is defenetly not, mostly becayse of the color of the glitter in ISTBM, but also because “Crash” is more royal blue and ISTBM is also a little lighter – but if ou need both I can’t say, some do and some don’t.
Glam Polish it sucks to be me Glam Polish it sucks to be me

“The Internet is for Pourn” – is THE red holographic glitter polish that I have waited and waited for Glam Polish to make. THANK YOU – now I just need a medium grey ;)
The pictures are a bit dull because the sun went on vacation these days. Very sad but I might do a reswatch when I wear this next time. It looks very cold toned in the photos, but the amazing thing is that this is a neutral red, very rare color as it is just the perfect red that suits most girls nomatter skintone. I am so happy to finally have this.
Glam Polish the internet is for pourn Glam Polish the internet is for pourn

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” – is a pale pastel lilac holographic glitter polish!!!! Year I cant get enough of pastels, and this is a really great polish. I of cause expected this to have a bad consistency but it was amazing and problem free. When sunlight hits it it becomes a little more pink-ish.
Glam Polish florals for spring groundbreaking Glam Polish florals for spring groundbreaking

Hope you liked the swatches, I certantly love the polishes :)

I bought All exept one on HypnoticPolish, “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking” I bough on GlamPolishs own site because they now ship to Denmark :D
Throuws Confetti in the air!!!

Love and Sweets

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Purple holo and purple crocus for spring

The new kindergarten I work at now is in a town with a lot of nature, and for an example they have more Crocus on one lawn than I have ever seen before. It is such a pretty sight and I have waited for them to bloom and today they finally did!


And when I look back at the many swatches I have for you these pictures reminds me of last time I wore Picture Polish “Pandora”. I have reviewed it a long time ago when my nails where still squares (see here), but it looks much more delicate on this nailshape I think – and that holo is just right for me.
I actually had this beauty out this past weekend as a friend of mine consider to wear this for her wedding this summer.

Picture Polish Pandora Picture Polish Pandora


I have actually just put on Glam Polish “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!”, a shade that reminds me even more of Crocus. I hope to show you this polish next as it is amazing <3 so cross your fingers for some sunshine ladies :)

Love and Sweets

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Snow in the spring – update and manicure

So we hit March. I am so looking forward to spring in my new apartment and seriously cant wait… AND THEN IT SNOWED THIS MORNING! Luckily it melted just as it hit the ground, but still, I got really scared haha.
Yesterday I found out that it had been a month since my last blogpost. I am so sorry for that, but OMG I have had too much to think about. I have had to switch internship because of problems with the people I worked with, been sick and just been so sad the past three months. It has been hell and I needed to concentrate on those things. Last week I started working at the new internship and the people are so sweet, giving me compliments on my work and smiling and talking to me, so I am already feeling a lot better. I know I am a great student, but it’s so hard to remind myself of this knowing when people say I am trash.

I hope as things are better that you will hear a lot more to me. I actually have a bunch of manicure pictures waiting on my computer for you.

The manicure of today is one I wore in January. The snowflake-pattern stamp is from the Moyou Festive 01 plate and I stamped Color Club “Lumin-icecent” over OPI “Alpine Snow”. A simple winter manicure – and aparently still in fashion according to the weather here in Denmark. Give me some spring flowers instead!
winter snowflake manicure moyou festive stamping

Aaaand because I want winter to be over I have a season polish to show you, and let us just get it over with.
This is amazing Picture Polish “Winter”. A dark grey base with scattered holo flake glitter in it. Most of the winter I found this sold out, and finally it came back just in the last winter month. I love this, but I will forget all about it because of the name and find it for next winter ;) two-three coats
Picture Polish Winter

Hope you have a great day

Love and Sweets

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Swatch: Cupcake Polish “Merry”

Hello lovely ladies. Today I have a swatch of a pretty unique polish if you ask me. You have seen holographic polishes many times, for an example you have seen linear holos and you might even also have seen linear holos with a littleholo glitter in it (for an example ILNP “Paige”), but Cupcake Polish “Merry” is something else as it is also a foil polish.
The color is a very cold pink, and it has a strong holo that really looks like magic because of the tiny holo glitter in it. So stunning. When you see this in direct sunlight the holo is so trong that you dont see the foil or the glitters, but the holo is that strong that it will look a little holo even in very sad weather, that’s why this polish is perfect for winter!
cupcake polish merry swatch nail polish Continue reading

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Zoya “Payton” with fishbone stamping

Hello again ladies. Todays manicure I was expecting to be either borring or just not me, but it ended out being a manicure I liked very much and I was sad that it didn’t last for very long. I am right now working in an internship in a daycare and it is touch on my nails.
I finally got some Héhé plates from ebay where they are very cheap, and the fishbone stamp on héhé021 I needed to try out. I stamped this with a light pink stamping polish I will review soon (I hope) over Zoya “Payton”. I chose that base because I needed something different, and maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much. I am not a person for dark colors but this combo was so pretty againt the holo.
IMG_0752 Continue reading

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Winter Roses with BornPrettyStore stamping

bp-73Hello again girls. for today I have a winter rose stamping manicure to show you.
The base was A-England “Wuthering Heights” (see review here) stamped with Essie “Fiji” and topped off with China Glaze “Fairy Dust” as I was missing some holo sparkle because those days where very dark and grey. I stamped with the BP-73 plate (or item ID: 20790) from BornPrettyStore (I also used that stamp for this manicure in the summer).
So as you see roses are not only for summer :)
BornPrttyStore BP-73 winter rose stamping manicure

BornPrettyStore have so many great things for nail art on their site, so go and check their site out. Visit BornPrettyStore here. 10% coupon code for Born Pretty Store: SZBQ10

Love and Sweets

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